Fostering Moral Competence

All people wish to be good, says Socrates;
Thinking is nothing for cowards, says Kant;
Discussion with opponents is neither, says Habermas;
let’s educate them, says Jefferson.

We can turn the wisdom of these eminent philosophers into an effective education world-wide.

How? As I explain in my book Morality Can be Taught, this can be done with the Konstanz Methode of Dilemma-Discussion (KMDD). The KMDD is versatile and very effectiv.

My book has been available since many years in German, Spanish and Greek, and will soon be published in Chinese. The KMDD is successfully used in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, and even in China.

You can donate to make my book Morality can be taught available in English, too:

Deadline: 24 January 2016.