Refugees in Greece urgently need our help!

As all of you can hear in the news: Helpless politicians cause great pain for people who already suffer the loss of their homes and their loved ones: the refugees from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc. They are now blocked from going to Germany and other countries at the border between Greece and Macedonia.

I heard from a Greek friend that lots of people there fill their cars with food and other things needed to bring it to the border village ‘Idomeni’ — even though they themselves are in deep financial crisis. Meanwhile we hear that the German Bundesbank made huge profits on this crisis. We feel ashamed. Therefore, togther with a couple of German friends we try to help by donating money to our Greek friends.

If you have also friends in Greece who are engaged in helping the refugees, you may consider doing the same! Not only the refugees but also the people in Greece feel less left behind. If you do not have friends in Greece, you can donate through organizations like “Medecins sans frontieres” (Ärzte ohne Grenzen) and other organizations.

Here are some pictures made by one of the helpers, Mrs. Thomai Pavlidou, Serres, Greece:

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