Best wishes and more…

Dear friends of the KMDD and the MCT,

the world does not seem to be favorable for science and scientifically based moral education. Some people even claim that we live in a “post-truth” (post-faktische) world now. I think that this is an exaggeration, as much as the opposite believe that we have lived in an age of science and truth before is an exaggeration.

As individuals we cannot change much. Nevertheless, I believe that there is always a slight chance that we have an impact if we are dedicated, serious, truthful and humble — in other words if we continue our scientific endeavors.

Researching and fostering moral-democratic competence is a specially complicated field. We have to solve a big dilemma: How can we foster individuals’ moral competence without infringing their moral rights? How can we teach them without taking away from them the responsibility for their own learning?

These dilemmas have been before my eyes ever since I became engaged in moral psychology and education in the early 1970ties. And these dilemmas are still before my eyes today. The Moral Competence Test and the Konstanz Method of Dilemma-Discussion have both been developed with these dilemmas in mind. To my knowledge, the MCT is the first objective psychological test which uses the participant’s standards for right and wrong for scoring instead of the researcher’s standards. The KMDD also, I believe, breaks new grounds by reserving most of the instruction-time for the participants’ thinking and talking, instead of for the teacher. I do not think that this does not fully resolve the paradox of democratic education, but I think that we opened a big door for it.

If you are involved in research on moral competence, on its nature and on methods of fostering it, I would be happy if you would let me know and send me your research reports (in English or German). I will add it to my online-list. I also want to encourage you to share your research with the world-wide research community by attending conferences and by joining “Research Gate”:

I wish you peaceful holidays and all the best for 2017 !
Frohe Weihnachten und alles Gute fürs neue Jahr !

Georg Lind