Workshop: How to Strengthen Democray with Discussion Theater / KMDD®

Democracy as a moral ideal

Most, if not all people wish to live together in a democracy. However, this is the most demanding form of living together. It can only work if we develop the ability to solve problems and conflicts ourselves, on the basis of shared moral principles like freedom. justice, and cooperation through deliberation and discussion, instead of using violence, deceit and submission to others.

Democracy as a challenge

While the moral ideal of democratic principles are inborn, this ability is not. We must develop it. But learning opportunities are scarce. Therefore, society, we, must provide them for everybody.

Democratic competence training

For fostering democratic competence, I have developed the Konstanz Method of Dilemma-Discussion (KMDD)®, recently turned into a new form of theater: the Discussion Theater “Speaking & Listening” (DT). Both methods are being used world-wide since more than twenty years. Both methods cost littldt_klogoe time and money, but have shown to be very effective in many intervention studies (Lind 2002; 2016) In this workshop you will learn how to use KMDD and DT properly. Moral dilemma discussions trigger emotions which need to be handled properly. Without training, both methods may be fun for the participants but do not increase their moral-democratic competence. In some cases they may even cause negative effects.


The workshop will provide the basis for the certification as “KMDD-Teachers”. In order to protect your investment into your training the KMDD® is registered in many countries (e.g. EU, China, Switzerland, Turkey) as an international trade mark.

Participants should have some experience with teaching, mental training, or theater. Student in the fields of psychology and education are also accepted.

Where? How can I apply?

The Workshop will take place in Konstanz, July 22 – 26, 2019.

If you are interested in participating, you should apply as early as possibly, but not later than April 30, 2019. Write to

For more information see the workshop website.

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