16th International Symposium “Moral Competence: Its Nature, Relevance, and Education”

Online, July 31 – Auf 1, 2021, Daily 12:00 to 18:00 (Berlin time)

(Youtube stream will be announced on http://moralcompetence.net)

Pre-symposium KMDD-Workshop, July 25-29, 2021 / Still free places! Contact georg_lind[ät]web.de

For more details on the symposium program see: http://moralcompetence.net

Moral competence, although this concept is being used since over fifty yesars, is still a relatively new and little understood concept. Most people and also many scientists still believe that in order to behave morally, we only need to have moral ideals and standards, and the these standards are imposed on us by some social agent.
No, Socrates said already two and a half thousand years, the wish to be moral is inborn. It is “virtue” (ability, competence) that counts.
Today we know for sure: We need to develop moral competence to be able to solve the problems and conflicts which our wish to act morally inevitably produces. Otherwise, we must rely on violence and deceit, or submit to some authority for solving them.”

The Symposium brings together scholars and practitioners who have taken up Socrates’ insight. They present empirical studies as well as practical experiences, which deepen our understanding of the meaning and relevance of moral-democratic competence, as well as our methods to foster it.

For research ideas, see this web-site: http://moralcompetence.net/mut/moral_competence_research.html.


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