2015_Georg_Portrait_1xDr. Dr. Georg Lind

I am the author and editor of this blog. But I am not a full-time blogger. So please excuse me if I do not regularly respond to your comments. But be assured that I read and appreciate them.

Being German, I use English only occasionally. So please excuse bad spelling, grammar and style. If it is getting too bad, I appreciate feedback.

Vita: I was adjunct professor of psychology at the University of Konstanz until 2012. I was also visiting professor at the University of Illinois, the Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico, and Humboldt, University, Germany.

Now I am a free-lance writer, curriculum-designer, instructor, speaker, trainer, policy-advisor… more

Since 1973 I have been involved in research on, and teaching of, moral-democratic competence: I developed a new objective, experimental measurement instrument, the “Moral Competence Test” (MCT) (formerly called Moral Judgment Test, MJT). The MCT has been translated and validated in 39 languages, and is used world-wide in research and evaluation studies. The MCT is the first objective test of cognitive-structural properties of moral behavior, which could before only be measured with subjective clinical interview methods.

I have also developed a highly effective method for fostering moral-democratic competence, the “Konstanzer Methode der Dilemma-Diskussion” (KMDD)®, as well as a training and certification program for KMDD-Teachers. I have been been invited to train teachers and teacher students to use the KMDD in many countries (e.g., Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Poland).

I also maintain a website on moral and democratic competence education: <>. You will find events, offers for training and certification, and articles for download there.

The third, fully revised edition of my book “Moral ist lehrbar” has been released in 2015. It has been translated into Spanish and Greek.

In 2016 I have published an extended version of this book in English: “How to Teach Morality.” On my web-site you will find  reviews and endorsements. The book is being translated into Chinese by professor Shaogang Yang, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and into Korean by professor Gyun Yeol Park, Gyeongsang National University.

My newest brain child is Discussion Theater, a new form of theater aligned with the moral ideal of a democratic way of life (John ‘Dewey). The play is called “Speaking & Listening.” Basically it is an adaptation of the Konstanz Method of Dilemma Discussion for the publich space. The premier in the Frauenkirche of Dresden on June 21, 2017, was successful. We had more potential participants than we could accommodate.


Interview by Uwe Eckart Böttger (in German): (2014)

Conversation with students and staff of the University of California at Irvine: (2014)

Wikipedia (German)

Haste, H. (2002). An Interview with Georg Lind. International Journal of Group Tensions, 31(2), 187-215.


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