This page is dedicated to the Moral Competence Test (MCT)*

* German: Moralische Kompetenz Test (MKT); formerly called MJT – Moral Judgment Test

I have updated and supplemented the web-site for MCT users:
Note: If you wish to use the MCT, please write me: Georg.Lind[at]

In order to prevent abuse, I have protected this site with a pass-word. Most abuse is not malicious but is caused by too little background knowledge on the MCT and the underlying theory. I am not testing your knowledge on the MCT but ask you to test yourself. This means, I am happy to send the password to anyone who is interested in the MCT as a user or as a scholar who wants to understand the “C-score”, the score of moral competence.

If you wish to use the MCT, please write me an e-mail: Georg.Lind [at]

For further information on the theory and research underlying the MCT, I would like to refer you to the third, fully revised edition (in German) of my book “Morality can be taught” (Order from Logos publishers). The third edition contains an extensive description of the rationale behind the MCT.  Most of this is not contained in the first edition of 2005, which is also available in Spanish and Greek).

An edited English edition of my book will be available soon: Moral Competence — Enpowering People, Reducing Violence, Deceit and Coercion.


9 thoughts on “MCT (MKT)

  1. Hi Professor Lind
    I’m PhD student of measurememnt and assessment in Allame tabatabaee of Iran. I gone go to develop measurement model to moral assessment in my thesis, I need MCT for validation my models, can you send me full version of MCT includes test, scoring and its manual.
    Best regards


  2. Hi Professor Lind
    I’m PhD student of pedagogy in Liaoning Normal Uninversity of China. I just now read your paper and know MCT for the first time, before that I only know DIT and MJT. I want to comprehend MCT. Can you send me full version of MCT includes test, scoring and its manual?
    My email is
    Best regards
    Jinping Jia


  3. Good day, Sir!
    I am an undergraduate AB psychology student of Central Mindanao University. I am currently working on my thesis which involves moral development. I humbly ask if I could have an access of the full version of the MCT including the scoring and its manual. Thank you so much, Sir.
    Best regards,


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