Videos on Moral Competence

Conversations and Lectures at the University of California, Irvine (hosted by Prof. John Whiteley, Ph.D.)

“The Relevance of Moral Competence for Social Behavior” (July 2017)

“Moral Competence” (July 2017)

“Dr. Lind, how did you get interested in moral competence?” (2014)


“Jan is in love” — A video clip about a KMDD-session with 4th graders

With English subtitles

Source: (c) Bayrischer Rundfunk, 2007

Moral ist lehr- und lernbar.
Die Konstanzer Methode der Dilemma-Diskussion (KMDD).

Interview des Politikjournalisten und Moderators Uwe Eckart Böttger mit Dr. Georg Lind am 5.6.2014 im Rahmen der “Donnerstagsgespräche” in der Sächsischen Landeszentrale für politische Bildung, Dresden.

On Moral Competence Research and Global Democracy.

Invited lecture for the conference “Toward a Global Psychology,” St. Francis College, April 13, 2012.


Testimonials on a KMDD Workshop-Seminar at the University of Konstanz